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CUDL is the key to an indirect lending competitive edge

Drive more indirect loans YOUR way with CUDL

CUDL is the fully-customizable auto lending solution proven to streamline and enhance indirect auto funding. Providing you access to a network of over 14,000 auto dealers and complete control over underwriting guidelines, CUDL will bring you more loans and new members to position your credit union for success.


Discover how CUDL’s auto lending solution can help drive your business with:

Better pull-through rates with pre-approval solutions

Access to a network of over 14,000 auto dealers

No per-app fees; pay only for the loans you fund

Increased loan quality with complete control over underwriting guidelines

Faster funding with Smart Approval, a convenient online pre-approval application through your credit union’s website

Instant decisions with our sophisticated decision engine or integrate an external one

High level of service and responsiveness with teams of local client support to manage dealer-lender relationship

Access to CUDL Complete, our outsourced loan processing solution

Tap into the CUDL network


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Innovative Lending Built by Credit Union Experts

As a CUSO, we know what credit unions need to succeed. That’s why our platform offers full control over your credit union’s choice in auto dealers, no per-application fee, and instant pre-approvals for a targeted approach. Don’t waste another dollar or minute on loans that won’t work for you by only paying for the loans you fund.

  • CUDL provided Visions with the ability to fund and retain more auto loans, increase profitability and fuel membership growth. Visions FCU

    Tom Novak Director of Digital Banking
  • CUDL employees helped us develop strategic relationships with local credit unions that we didn’t have access to. Morrie's Auto Group

    Tony Troussov Group Finance Director
  • The CUDL platform is a little different than other platforms. It allows us to find the perfect credit union that matches up with the customer, so we can obtain the best financing for the situation. Mercedes-Benz

    Darin Johnson Finance Director
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Success Story

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Case Study

Case Study

Leveraging the Power of CUDL to Increase Auto Loans, Improve Dealer Production, and Expand into New Markets.

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Ready to get started?

Ready to get started?