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Fidelis PPM | Prepaid Maintenance Program

Customer Focused. Dealer Branded.

Fidelis PPM


You made the connection and closed the sale, but what next? The value in customer loyalty and service retention is both essential and vital to the long-term success of your dealership. Fidelis PPM allows your dealership to create, run, and monitor your own, self-branded prepaid maintenance program with the promise to enhance the dealer and customer relationship.


Build It.


Price It.

100% Dealer Controlled.
With Fidelis PPM, it’s easy to develop a comprehensive and preferred prepaid maintenance program designed a 100% around your dealership’s criteria. It offers hassle-free integration with your dealership’s DMS, easily tracking the number of times prepaid maintenance customers come in for service. Market your prepaid maintenance program through a multi-channel approach, including digital, direct mail, and point-of-sale collateral:

  • Brochures
  • Tent Cards
  • Inserts

Your Program. Your Money.
You have the ability to determine the services, fees, and reimbursement rates best-suited to your service and sales retention goals. A successful prepaid maintenance program can dramatically improve customer retention and maximize your success. On average a dealership generates an additional $70 from visits by prepaid maintenance customers through Fidelis PPM. Experience the advantage of generated revenue through:

  • Increase repair order count
  • Increase upsells per repair order on PPM customers
  • 100% of all forfeiture dollars are yours



Prove It.

Increased Service Retention = Increased Sales Retention.
Execute a prepaid maintenance program the right way and generate a retention number of 60-70% for new and used customers. On average, dealerships that use Fidelis PPM average a 68% retention rate, factored by two service visits per customer. With the support of a strong pay plan and focused strategy, it is easy to achieve a retention rate as high as 90%. Fidelis PPM offers valuable options to enhance your retention rate and profit including:

  • Ability to keep money in-store or re-insure
  • Consistent profit month-after-month in service department
  • Dealership keeps any and all spoilage

Dominant Prepaid Program in the Market.
Fidelis PPM has been tried, tested, and refined for the past five years. It was developed by an automotive dealer for automotive dealers. It understands the importance in providing a program that delivers value to customers and profit to dealers. Powered by Driv, a customer retention software, Fidelis PPM delivers effective and measurable accountability for customer retention and overall ROI. Fidelis PPM can be packaged with additional products including:

  • Roadside assistance
  • Insurance for key replacement
  • Identity theft
  • Dent or ding
  • Windshield repair


These products are offered on three and five-year terms to increase the value of the PPM contract and enhance the customers’ desire to purchase longer term PPM contracts.

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