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AutoSMART Online Auto Shopping

Your Credit Union’s Car Shopping Destination

A rich auto shopping experience for your members that ensures your credit union’s financing is top of mind.


AutoSMART gives your members the tools and resources they need to make an informed buying decision. Through our network of over 13,000 participating auto dealers, we aggregate more than 2.7 million vehicles in a single location – your website. With AutoSMART, your credit union controls the member’s auto shopping experience while protecting your credit union’s financing.

Why AutoSMART?

Member-Friendly Auto Shopping

The AutoSMART site combines auto shopping and research while promoting your credit union’s financing. 

  • Price Comparison allows members to compare prices with those of similar cars in the area
  • Members shop with confidence with your trusted brand 
  • Develop strong relationships with local dealers 
  • Over 2.7 million vehicles displayed in inventory
  • Free to your credit union members
  • Turnkey platform with no maintenance needed
  • Stay connected from pre-approval to funding to capture new
    loan opportunities
  • Dedicated Auto Advisors available to assist members with
    the buying process
  • Special advertising opportunities

Features / Capabilities 

Dedicated Auto Advisors offer
high-touch member support
Offer pre-approvals to members
throughout their search process
Leverage brand trust through a
branded car-buying website
Dealership reviews from DealerRater

Price Comparison with similar cars
in the area

Find the right vehicle at the right price


  • Reliable research
  • Calculate payment options with our advanced loan calculators
  • Apply for a loan and get pre-approved
  • Simple to shop and find a car
  • Build and search from millions of new and used vehicles
  • Build relationships with your CUDL dealers

Pave the Way to a Confident Buying Decision

Members want the smoothest road to “sold,” and AutoSMART can deliver. With access to a large selection of inventory, dedicated auto advisors to assist in the buying process, and the confidence of your trusted credit union brand, members have everything they need to find the car they want…at a great deal.

See how easy it is for your members to purchase their next car with AutoSMART.



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