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Credit Union Advisory Services

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Advisory Services


In today’s increasingly competitive lending market, credit unions must continuously evaluate how to maximize lending, create efficiencies and increase profitability in order to remain market leaders and relevant to members. CU Direct helps credit unions stay one step ahead of competition, while meeting regulatory requirements, by providing advisory services that are tailored to the needs and objectives of each credit union.

Optimization Review Portfolio Risk & Profitability Analysis
Increase Loan Growth by 27% CU’s charge 24% less for loans than competitors.
CU Direct's Advisory Services Review will help your credit union identify opportunities for increasing process efficiencies that create a competitive edge.  Our program evaluation will identify strategic changes that can be made to better your position in the marketplace:
  • Benchmarking data that is not available anywhere else.
  • Decision engine optimization to improve speed and accuracy of lending decisions.
  • Comparative analysis to assist credit union in determining market opportunities.
  • Trusted advisors with decades of experience and success.
Credit unions often believe it is difficult to compete in a market where rates on loans are so low.  Yet, credit unions are driving pricing down because they believe it is the only option to be competitive.  CU Direct’s Advisory Services helps the credit union assess profitability and ensure proper management indicators are in place:
  • Complete portfolio analysis.
  • Static pool analysis and loan loss projections by product and risk tier.
  • Identify both favorable and unfavorable portfolio trends.
  • Benchmarking against peer credit union performance.
  • Identification of opportunities for pricing and risk enhancements to drive growth.
Fair Lending Analysis Lending Academies
100% of lenders reviewed had at least one instance of possible inadvertent disparate impact. 98% of lenders use internal performance data to determine how they will interact with customers.
Even an inadvertent disparate impact can cost your credit union thousands of dollars. If any of your policies cause a disparate impact to any member in a protected class, you could be guilty. CU Direct’s Advisory Services can analyze your lending practices and determine whether there are areas you should be concerned about... before regulators find it.
  • Complete analysis of all credit applications.
  • Test and discover trends that may point to unfair treatment of
    applicants in a protected class.
  • Recommend best practices to remain compliant.
If your credit union is not using its own data to identify opportunities for growth and increased members service, or to root out possible challenges in future performance, you may be missing opportunities.  CU Direct Lending Academies provide lenders with comprehensive and timely insight into what high performance credit union leaders look for and how they collect and manage their data.
  • Complete review of all regulations related to loan portfolio management.
  • Deep dive into key performance indicators that should be monitored on a regular basis.
  • Strategies for collecting valuable data for performance analysis. Hands-on workshop using one of the most popular credit union analytics tools.

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